How do I use IPv6 Proxies?

It’s very easy we will provide you ipv4 in front but in the backend, it will be ipv6 so your proxies will be like but when you visit a website it will be converted automatically to ipv6

Why Is There No Refund Policy After I Use The Proxies?

  • We have daily packages so if you not sure about the proxies you can buy for a 1 day to test.
  • All of my proxies are virgins so its exclusive to only one person and only one user can use the same IP ever.
  • Resources were already used and manhours were spent to generate these proxies from a server that’s already paid for.

Are They Rotating Proxies?

Yes & No, they are Static Proxies. But you can change your proxies IPs any time you from your panel.

Static proxies ban quickly do they not?

No our proxies are designed to work better than rotating proxies, if you are running higher threads with Recaptcha you want to make sure you get one of the bigger packages like silver or better.

How Many White Listed IP's Can I Add?

For each package, we offer up to 5 Authenticated IPs.

Want more slots? Contact us.

When will I receive my proxies after I have paid?

Instantly for Daily and Weekly packages, and 30 minutes – 12 hours for monthly packages.

How ever Every soon we will make monthly packages instantly as well.

Will the proxies will work on this site

Please check if your site accept IPv6 from this

I don't see a package that suits my needs, can I get a custom order?

Sure, please contact us! we are very happy to help you 🙂